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High School Students:

1. Obtain an application online or from the partner school counselor.
2. Complete the application and ensure that all required documentation is attached.
3. ICTC personnel will visit each partner school to interview each individual student. If an applicant misses the interview, an appointment should be made with an ICTC counselor to submit application.
4. Once applications are processed, vacancies are then filled and partner school counselors/principals are notified of approved applicants by April 1. Acceptance and waiting list letters are also mailed to each applicant at this time.

Adult Students:

1. Applicants must schedule an assessment, or bring assessment records to be attached to application.
2. Once the assessment results are available, applicants must complete an application, an interest inventory, and be interviewed by ICTC personnel.
3. During the interview, previous educational records, career interests and experience, and test results will be reviewed.
4. Once applications are processed, vacancies are then filled and students are notified by April 1. Acceptance and waiting list letters are mailed to each applicant.

Adult Students (Health Careers):

1. Application packets can be obtained online or in hard copy at each campus.
2. If an entrance assessment is required, it must be scheduled according to the steps outlined inthe application packet.
3. Application packets must be submitted by the specified deadline. All documentation must besubmitted with packet.
4. Once applications are processed, interviews are scheduled with qualified applications. All applicants then receive notification of action: letter of acceptance, alternate list placement, or not accepted.
5. A training and payment agreement must be completed, if accepted.

Financial Aid:

Applicants seeking financial assistance must fill out the financial aid application online. If sponsored by an agency, applicant must have a completed authorization form from the sponsoring agency. Enrollment for adult students will not be finalized until a tuition deposit of $20 has been paid. The deposit may be waived with approved financial aid award. The deposit is non-refundable after the beginning of class.