Sports Medicine Therapy Technician

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Work with professionals in physical therapy & athletic training fitness. Perform electrical stimulation, whirlpool, ultrasound, hot/ cold packs, & TENS Units treatments. Get a job after completing the program &/or completing certification in fields such as Rehab Techs & Personal Trainers.


Employment Options: Rehab Tech, Personal Trainer, Athletic Trainer, Education, Health Care Services, Hospitals, Amusement & Recreation Services, Sporting Events

Approximate Local Salary Potential:
$10-13/hr./$19,200 - $24,960/yr.


8:05A - 11:05A / 11:55A - 2:55P
2403 N. 41st Street E., Muskogee, OK
918-687-6383 / 800-375-8324